Officers (Executive Committee)
Chairperson Gail Price
Vice Chairperson Carole Hartman
Past Chairperson Carolyn Simmons
Treasurer Danielle Sisson
Executive Director/Secretary Michele Sites
Elected Directors (must have 6-9)
Three Year Term Expires 12-31-17
Carolyn Simmons Luci Raines Dave Huber
Three Year Term Expires 12-31-18
Rebecca Lough Carole Hartman Gail Price
Three Year Term Expires 12-31-19
Danielle Sisson Bill Loving Kathy Sponaugle
Standing Advisory Positions (3-10 advisors, 1 year terms)
CVB Representative Amy Berg
(selected annually by the CVB) Claudia Evick
Business Representative Mike Mallow
(selected annually by the COC) Kristen Dingess
Pendleton County Commission Gene McConnell (nonvoting)
(selected annually by the Commission)
Pendleton County EDA Kim Ruddle
(selected annually by the EDA)
Town of Franklin Jenny Rogers
(selected annually by the Town Council)
Fairs & Festivals Elsie White
(selected annually by the CVB)
Lodging Representative Luci Raines
(selected annually by the CVB)
State/National Parks & Forests Representative Kevin Duncan